Water Testing

Why have should I test my water?

When you suspect that there is something wrong with your water, you should have it tested.  If you willis-ide-and-son-gas-drilling-water-supply-03notice any of the following conditions, you should consider having your water tested:

  • strange or foul odors and/or tastes from your water
  • unusual color or tint to your water
  • detergents and soaps produce minimal lather
  • discoloration and/or staining around plumbing fixtures (i.e. toilet bowls, sink drains, tub drains, )
  • mineral scaling around plumbing fixture spouts (i.e. clogging of shower heads, sink aerators, etc.)
  • deterioration and/or pin hole leaks in copper pipes
  • frequent water heater replacement/repair
  • unexpected stomach cramps or other gastrointestinal symptom occurring in household

Any of these conditions described could indicate problems with your water quality.  Schedule an appointment for water sampling to get your water tested.

Water testing can fall into two different categories:

  • Bacteria testing
  • Water Quality testing

These are separate water samples and sent to different labs for testing.


We deliver bacteria water samples to a state certified lab, usually Kirby Health Center, that tests your willis-ide-and-son-water-testing-03water for coliform, fecal coliform and E.coli bacteria.

Here is information provided by the NGWA concerning bacteria in your water.

Here is a PA DEP fact sheet describing procedures for disinfecting wells and springs.


We send water samples to the Master Water Conditioning Corporation labs in Pottstown Pa to test for water composition.

The most common conditions the water analysis report identifies are hardness, pH, alkalinity, chlorides, TDS, Iron, turbidity, sulphates, iron algae, and manganese.

Here is information on understanding the water report findings and what they mean concerning your water.

Call us to schedule an appointment to test your water today.